About Us

Joe's XXX Hot Sauce is an all natural, hand crafted and bottled hot sauce made
from habanero and cayenne peppers, vinegar, salt, and our secret spice blend.

Joe's XXX is a very hot sauce that provides more than just heat.
My secret spice blend provides a nice, deep flavor that complements the heat well.

We are offering America a challenge.  We want you to try our sauce along side your favorite hot sauce,
and tell us what you think.  If you don't think it's the better then we will give your money back.  Guaranteed.  

Get in on the action while its hot!
Thanks for your support and interest, and we will see you at the top!
Joe's XXX Hot Sauce continues to be featured and for sale at the
Double Eagle Clubhouse Grille, in Decatur, Indiana. 
It can also be found at several local restaurants in Decatur.  Just ask for it by name.
Joe's XXX is produced by Joe's XXX LLC.  Joe's XXX is owned and operated
by Joe Johnson III.  

Established 2004